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Richard Schechner - In Performance Theory

We live under terrible stress. Politically, intellectually, artistically, personally and
epistemologically we are at breaking points. It is a cliché to say that society is in crisis.
But ours, particularly here on the North American continent, seems gripped by total
crisis and faced with either disintegration or brutal, sanctioned repression. The yearnings of the young may be a combination of infantile wishes for the wholeness of Mamas breast and a thrashing toward an impossible Utopian socialism. Or these yearnings may indicate a genuine alternative to our horriific desteny. I cannot distinguish between the true and the false. But i can identify yearnings wich have triggered not only an interest in primitive people but artistic movements that concretize that interest and start to satisfy those yearnings.

WHOLENESS. Participatory democracy, self-determination on the local, national, and internacional levels. Therapies which start from the oneness of mind;body;feelings. Getting it thogether. Total theater, intermedia, integrated eletronic systems, McLuhanism. An end to dichotomies, so that

a whole person - not mind-body
families - not fragmented individuals
communities - not governmente vs. governed
jobs like play - not alienated work
art where we are - not in museus far away
one world in peace - not wars and international rivalries
human one with nature - not ecological warfare

Process and organic growth. An end to the assembly-line approach to the production of goods and the conformism of people. Animosity toward the police, the military-industrial complex. PROCESS, NOT PRODUCT. DO YOUR OWN THING. TURN PEOPLE INTO ARTISTS NOT ON TO ART.Turbulence and discontinuity, not artificial smoothness. Organic food. Kicking out your feelings. Ritual art, all night dances.

Concreteness. Down with theories, abstractions, generalizations, the BIGGIES of art, industry, education, government, etc. MAke your demands known, act then out and get the answer now. Radicalize the students. Street and guerrilla theater, Provo action, marches on washington, demosntration on campus. Arm the blacks, urban warfare in the ghettoes. Dig the physicality of experience. Sensory awareness, involvement, and expression. HAppenings, earth art, concrete poetry and music, pornography.

Religiuos transcendental Experience. Mysticism, shamanism, messianism, psychedelics, epiphanies. Zen, yoga, and other ways to truth trough participation and formulation, as in macrobiotics, yoga and mantra chanting. Eschatological yearningsÇ what is the meaning of life: MAke all experience meaningfull. Sacralize everyday living. Sung poetry, enconter groups, experimental theater, marathons, T-groups, performances made in and by communities, tribalism, rock-festivals, drugs, trips, freak-outs, ecstasies.

PErformance Theory - Actuals page 39 - 40

resolvi postar aqui essa partezinha de um dos livros do schechner que esta servindo para minha reflexao academica e quem puder, traduza para os colegas pois meu ingles è macarronico. As palavras do cara trazem alegria, aquela vontade de continuar, de sair da cama e ir ao encontro do outro.

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